Code of Ethics

I pledge to:

Conduct all business transactions with honesty and integrity. I will treat each customer with respect, making sure they fully understand the services for which they have contracted. I will regard fellow videographers, and other trade professionals, with respect.

Strive at all times to produce work of the highest possible quality.

Constantly advance and improve my skill as a professional videographer. Further, I will share my knowledge with fellow videographers, students, and others who aspire to become professional videographers, so as to attempt to raise the standards of this industry.

Engage in fair and honest business practices, adhering to local, state/provincial, or federal laws and rules.

Use dependable equipment and accessories, which I will maintain in good working condition. I will also maintain and have available back-up equipment, wherever possible.

Conduct myself with grace and professionalism at any House of Worship, or other facility, that I enter. It shall be my goal to establish a positive working relationship with the other professionals and clergy.
My attire and demeanor shall be appropriate to the dignity of the occasion.