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Wedding reception video and wedding video packages can make your special day even more memorable. Video Dye offers wedding reception services, ceremony filming as well as professional documentary of special moments leading up to your big day.  Our company has a number of wedding packages for you to choose from, or you can customize a package if you would like.

We use animated graphics to enhance all of our videos, and narration can also be added.   We have a large library of graphics to suit any type of theme that your wedding may be.  When hiring us to do your wedding video, we will meet with you to research all locations you would like to include so that we can be sure to have the proper lighting and equipment for each location.

Having a professional wedding video including wedding reception video is truly a gift that keeps on giving.   Our wedding video packages can help you to capture the magic of your special day including the reception as well as the ceremony itself.  You can even customize a package to include professional documentary of the planning of the wedding as well!  Contact us today to speak more about how we can create a beautiful memory for you.



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